Debt Defense

Do you have outstanding debts you’re being pursued for?

You’re not alone! Hall Law Office, P.A. is a Florida debt defense law firm fighting for consumers that have been sued for a debt. Many times the debt arises from a credit card. Our office is committed to defending consumers from debt collectors, credit card companies and their attorneys. Our office provides aggressive legal representation at affordable fees for consumers.

Here at the Hall Law Office, P.A., we understand that no one sets out to purposely fall into crippling debt. If you’ve received collection notices or a notice that you are being sued for debt, our attorneys can help you defend against these potentially debilitating lawsuits. To fully understand the process, it is important to know that many original creditor companies write off what is considered “bad debt” and sell these debts for low prices to debt buyers.

These debt buyers then proceed to use scary and harassing methods to collect outstanding debt. Oftentimes, they choose to sue individuals in court before the timeline to do so ends. We can step in at any phase of the litigation process to protect your rights as a consumer! Even if there is already a default judgment entered against you, we can and are happy to help.